1)      you have to breath

2)      you have to drink water

3)      you must know where you are to know where to go

4)      you will get hungry and need to eat

5)      you are on the lighted side of the moon, so the solar transmitter will work to communicate you location or cry for help

6)      50 of rope always comes in handy there are deep craters

7)      first aid kits are a must

8)      parachute silk can protect you from the glare of the sun it never sets, remember

9)      life raft can be used to haul all the other necessary items

10)  signal flares a means of communication

11)  pistols - they can be fired onto the surface of the moon for propulsion beings there is no gravity to prevent that movement

12)  pet milk can be used with the food must keep your strength up

13)  portable heating unit we might not get to the Mother ship before it cools off even though the sun is shinning it may get cool

14)  magnetic compass we are on the moon there are not magnetic fields

15) and last and least effective matches they require oxygen to burn


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