Families today live in an exciting and challenging world. One that the potential for happiness has never been greater, yet the threats to happiness have never been more dangerous. When most people lived on the farm, father and son worked together all day in the field, mother and daughter worked together around the house.  A boy learned about farming, but more importantly he learned about life.  While working alongside his father a boy learned about values, faith and commitment.  A girl learned about a woman’s role in society from her mother.  She learned not only how to work, but also about relating to others, and about spiritual concerns.  When does the modern family find time to spend together like that in today’s world?  When does a boy find out what it means to be a man? When does he find out who his father really is and what he is committed to as a person?  When does a girl spend extended time with her mother finding out about being a woman in today’s world?  How does her mother communicate to her about life and the things that are really important?  I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT MANY FAMILIES ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE BOTH PARENTS ARE GONE “EARNING A LIVING”.  WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE THAT THREAT, AS WELL AS ACKNOWLEDGE ITS ADVANTAGES. I FURTHER BELIEVE THAT THE DEMISE OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY CAN POSSIBLY BECOME THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT TODAY.



     There is a desperate need for families to spend quality time together, but we live in a hectic world.  How does a family make time to be together?  Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in what we each perceive to be important in our own unique situations and within our own core families.


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