This is the portion that contains a great deal of my own personal beliefs, so bear with me on this.


     One author I read has prioritized his life in the following manner and I do agree with him with 100% of my heart.


     Oneís first priority needs to be to his Maker, without which one has nothing.



     For those who are married, the second priority needs to be their husband-wife relationship.  It takes patience to GROW a marriage, experience to discover the every changing needs of another human being and the wisdom to truly understand someone.  Let me ask this question, when was the last time you and your spouse had a date?  It may not have been long ago but chances are it has been quite some time.  Remember that your spouse is your very best friend; the person you have chosen to talk to, to laugh with and to enjoy the company of.  The art of communication between two people in a relationship must be learned.  This learning takes place over time spent in each otherís company.  Also, EACH must develop the capacity to listen as well as to speak, so that one can hear what is NOT being said, as well as the words that were spoken.



     If one is a parent, then the raising of oneís children needs to be a third priority.  In the Book of Psalms, we are told that children are a heritage from the Lord.  Oneís greatest blessings can come through your children, yet some of the greatest heartaches can come from them as well.  When parents allow their children to become the center of the family, not only does it become harder for the parents to let the children develop their own identities, but the parents frequently loose their own identity as individuals and as a couple. Therefore, a couple must continue dating and spending time together during the child rearing years, so that when the children are independent, and gone from home, the couple will still have a close relationship with each other.   Too many times couples drift apart during the child-rearing years, only to realize once the children are grown, that they no longer truly know each other.



     Oneís vocation needs to be the fourth priority since it is oneís livelihood.  A man should be as good as his word.  Therefore, when one hires on with another, an honest days work should be given for an honest dayís pay.  Integrity demands this!  Also, when one signs a note it should be with the full intent of paying back the loan.


     The fifth priority needs to be service to others.  We should love our neighbors and help those who are in need.  Human beings are treasures of God.  As an Ag producer, one needs to be a steward of the land, caring for it to the best of oneís ability.  Likewise, one should care for oneís children and the relationships one has been blessed with.  Caring for others is a lesson that all can see!


     Setting priorities requires thought and planning.  The first step is to list the things that are most important in oneís life, and then rank them in order of importance.  Sounds simple?  Remember that it takes energy to plan!!


     I challenge each of you to make priority setting an intricate part of your everyday world.  Each day categorize the activities that need to be completed, and place them in order of importance. Only you can do this for your given situation!  In planning for tomorrow, do not neglect today!  Today is valuable since there are exactly the same number of hours in it as there is in tomorrow.  Successfully dealing with the short term today prepares one to reach the long-range goals of tomorrow.


     Whatever amount of time we are allowed to live in this life we must live it to the fullest, look for the good in each and every person that comes your way and most importantly those that are the closest to you, your spouse and children, and business partners.  And yes, in that order.  3)  The sky is big and blue. Youíll never be too old to change the ideas that you have, nor too old to implement them after you have a good one.  So what if one doesnít work, give another a try because that is how millionaires get their start is from giving an idea a try. 


     Farmers are notorious for being pessimistic; I challenge each and every one of you here to become an optimist.  First of all, it is a challenge, and farmers thrive on challenges, or you would not be in the business you are in.  Secondly, it will make you a better person. Last of all, you might be surprised how many people it will rub off on.  They will wonder why you have become Mr. Positive instead of Mr. Negative.  My theory about life is:


                             If you can fix it   - -  - -  Fix it


                             If you canít - - -


                             Give it to God,


                                            He can.



      But then, the most important part of this entire plan, is DONíT WORRY about it.  Lay it down and go on.  All good things come to those who wait and that is what we are basically doing in life Ö..waiting.


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