If you want to be a winner in life


If you want to be the one who assesses reality and takes constructive action...


     Then it may help to think of life as a pyramid of decisions.  At the top of that pyramid are a handful of major decisions that determine the nature of your life.  At the bottom are the many micro decisions that set your lifestyle.   Between these extremes are the minor and tertiary decisions that “set the stage” for your actions and activities.



     These decisions determine the fundamental nature of your life; the person you marry, your choice of occupation, where you live, the nature of your family relationships.  You make ten or twelve of these decisions in your lifetime – they form the top of the pyramid.



     There may be as many as 100 minor decisions making up the framework of your daily life.  The levels of education you seek, your choice of school and major subject, the social circle you select, your personal standard of performance.  (You could earn an A but a C will do because it is easier?)  Through minor decisions you select the ways of implementing your major decisions.



     These decisions set our approach to daily life.  Is your work done on time?  Are you adequately prepared for work responsibilities?  Do you keep learning new skills?  Are you on time for meetings and appointments?  Do you spend more or less than you earn?  Is your credit good?  Can people rely on you as a confidant?  These things and many more are determined by your tertiary decisions.  They guide the things you do each day.



     At the bottom of the decision pyramid, micro decisions set your operating style  They determine the quality of your work and the nature of your interactions with others, the image you create in others minds the extent to which you use and expand your capabilities, your level of awareness about actions and activities that affect your life. Are you “with it” or “out-of-touch?”  Are you mentally growing, or only existing?  Overtime, micro decisions set the limits of your attainments and/or determine the extent to which you are able to achieve your potential.





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