Healthy Cues


                          Do you often feel secure in your relationship?
                           Do you often trust others?
                          Do you feel relaxed in your relationship?
                          Do you like who you are in your relationship?
                          Do you know you have many good things to share with others?
                          Do you feel beautiful/handsome and lovable?
                          Do you think you’re trustworthy in your relationship?
                          Are you open and honest with yourself and others?
                          Do you communicate your feelings to others?
                          Do you desire relationships with good and healthy people?
                          Are you patient in your relationships?  Do you know they’ll develop gradually?
                          Are you aware of your freedom of choice in your relationships?


Unhealthy Cues


                          Do you ignore your own feelings, but feel another’s feelings intensely?
                          Do you take orders from others or do things even when you do not want to?
                          Do you adapt to the needs wants or expectations of others?
                          Do you give, give, give?
                          Do you blame yourself for the behaviors of others or for the conflicts in your relationship?
                          Do you believe others will be strong for you?
                          Do you expect others to meet your needs whether or not you communicate these needs?
                          Do you feel unequal in your relationship?
                          Do you apologize frequently for your behavior?
                          Do you often feel drained or exhausted in your relationship?
                          Do you believe you do not deserve to be loved?

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