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Internet Class Procedures
Bio of Instructor
Fear of Change
Closing Comments by Karen Harlan
Educational Objectives
Goals and Priority Setting   1
Managing for Tomorrow 2

Types of Goal Setting

Specific Guidelines 5
Application 6

Signs of Health Relationships

Growth and Development Chart 8
Life Pie 9
What are Jim’s Priorities? 10
The Five C’s of Goal Setting 11
Prioritize 12
NASA Landing Agreement Exercise / NASA Answers 13/14
Priority Problems 15
Basic Values 16
Priorities 17
Identifying Your Goals 18
Goal Identification Considerations 19
Goals Planning Tools List 20
The Needs Wheel                21
Beliefs Can Be Reflections 22
Goals for Business Operations and Family Life  23
The Decision Pyramid / Decision Pyramid Part 2 24/25
Alphabet for Action 26
Goals Work pages 27
Let's Begin 28
Paperwork 29
Accounting 30
Cash Method 31
Accrual Method   32
Financial Statements for Sole Proprietors 33
Balance Sheet 34
Balance Sheet Accounts 35
Statement of Cash Flows 36
Cash Flow Statement 37
Income Statement 38
Income Statement Accounts 39
Statement of Owner’s Equity 40
Valuing Inventory 41
The Accounting Cycle 42
Chart of Accounts Code 43
Transactions – Document – Journal – Ledger 44
Production History 45
Risk Management 46
Farm Service Agency Record Book  47
Computers 48
Conclusion 49
Formulas 50/51
Definitions and Glossary 52-
Work to be Submitted
Final Exam
Cyber Sentence Exam
Classifying Cash & Non-Cash Revenue & Expense Items
Structure of a Balance Sheet
Calculating Net Farm Income
Identifying Sources of Risk
Classifying Assets and Liabilities
Evaluation - class & instructor
FSA Evaluation