Classifying Cash and Non-Cash Revenue

and Expense Items


It is important to accurately identify cash and non-cash revenue and expense items in order to develop an accurate income statement.  Print out this sheet and mark each item below with the appropriate label.  


CR Cash Revenue      NR Non-Cash Revenue 

CE Cash Expense       NE Non-Cash Expense


                              Proceeds from Crop Sales

                              Amount paid for purchased feed

                              Amount paid for seed

                              Increase in inventories

                              Increase in accounts payable

                              Amount paid for veterinary and medicine

                              Cash payment from government programs

                              Amount paid for fertilizer

                              Increase in accounts receivable

                              Increase in accrued expenses

                              Proceeds from custom work

                              Proceeds from livestock sales

                              Amount paid for interest

                              Proceeds from the sale of livestock products


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